KSW Series Float Controller


Float controller is mainly used in equipment which request water level is regularly kept unchangeably. Float controller can be widely used in automobile, industry equipment, agriculture equipment and household electrical appliances. We use reed as an action contact, long life cycles and high reliability.


1 Max. Voltage  DC 200V、AC 264V  
2 Max. Current  DC 1A、AC 0.5A  
3 Max. Power 50W  
4 Action distance 1.0~3.0mm  
5 Contact resistance <200mΩ  
6 Contact voltage DC400V,1min  
7 Operation temperature range -10℃~+80℃ No Freeze
8  Storage Temperature -20℃~+60℃  
9 Insulated resistance >100MΩ  
10 Dielectric strength 2000V,1min  
11 Endurance 100,000 cycles DC12V 10mA
12 Fix Method

It should be installed vertically or horizontally on the bracket of the tank above liquid surface to make the most of float immersed into the liquid.