TS Type Magnetic Temperature Switch


TS Type Magnetic Temperature switch has advantages of high accuracy, steady property, durability and so on. It can be used to protect great power element in electrical equipment or be used as thermostat, in household appliance. For example, it can be used for compensating the temperature automatically in new generation refrigerators.

Ts type magnetic temperature switch is made up of temperature-sensitive magnetic ring, non-uniformed magnetic ring and reed pipe. When temperature-sensitive magnetic material is near the Curie point, it will convert from ferromagnetic to paramagnetic to achieve the temperature control. While temperature-sensitive magnetic ring feel the temperature, permeability near Curie point will change rapidly. After then, it can change the magnetic flux pass by the reed and make the reed pipe open or closed to achieve the temperature control.


NO Item Technical Parameter
1 Max. Switch Voltage  DC 200V、AC 264V
2 Max. Switch Current  DC 1A、  AC 0.5A
3 Max. Power  25W
4 ccuracy of temperature control ±2℃
5 Contact resistance <300mΩ
6 Proof Voltage It can endure DC240V at open status, nonconductive, no breakdown
7 Temperature Range -0℃~+90℃
8 Insulated resistance >100MΩ
9 Dielectric strength AC1500V,1min,
10 Endurance 100,000 cycles
11 Working Characteristics Normally Closed:Open while temperature rises, vice versa.
Normally Open:Closed while temperature rises, vice versa.