WDJ Temperature Recorder


WDJ temperature recorder uses disc recording paper which is visible, reliably and easy to operate. Meanwhile, the unit is designed to operate with a precise microchip to ensure an accurate and reliable recording of time. The recorder is also designed with an anti-electromagnetic interference circuit to protect the operation of the motor from external electronic disturbance.

Using innovative design and the constant pursuit of high quality, WDJ temperature recorder has passed a series of extreme testing for blood bank refrigerators, constant temperature cabinet and other equipments.

WDJ temperature recorder mainly applies to blood bank refrigerators and constant temperature cabinet to record the temperature along with time change.




Temperature Record Range


Ambient Operating Temperature -10 ~ 50 ℃
Ambient Operating Humidity 0 ~ 90%RH
Record Periods 7days or 24h
Working Voltage AC100V~240V,50HZ或60HZ
Rated Power 8W
Fix Method wall inlay
Spare Battery 9V