Pressure controller is mainly used in the refrigeration system as a kind of control device to protect the system from too higher or lower pressure or it can be used for refrigeration units to control the cooling system start and stop through the system pressure. It also can be used for other industry fields which need control the pressure such as steam iron and reservoir, etc.



Technical parameters

NO ITEM Technical Parameters
Low pressure controller High pressure controller
1 Contact Electrical Rating AC250V,6A;AC125V,10A;DC28V,10A;
2 Actuation Pressure (P) 0.02 MPa<P≤1MPa 1MPa<P≤5MPa
3 Max. Operation Pressure 2MPa 1.2 times of P
4 Proof Pressure 2.5MPa 1.5 times of P
5 Burst Pressure 34.5MPa,1min,no breakdown or no leakage
6 Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ +65℃ -40℃ ~+100℃
7 Fluid Temperature -54℃ ~ +85℃ -54℃ ~+135℃
8 Contact Resistance Less than 20mΩ( except the lead wire)
9  Insulated Resistance No less than 100MW (terminal to case),no less than 10MW (after heat and humidity test)
10 Dielectric Strength AC1500V, 1min; AC1275V, 1min after heat and humidity test
11 Salt spray test All electrical performance meet the requirements after 96h;
No severe corrosion of metal parts after 1000h<
12 Endurance Automatic Reset: 100,000 cycles;Manual Reset: 10,000 cycles